CLASSICAL BALLET PROGRAM -  Ballet is the foundation of all dance.  It is a classical dance form demanding grace and precision and employing formalized steps and gestures set in intricate flowing patterns to create expression through movement. Students will gain a greater understanding of how to utilize technique to reach their maximum potential as a dancer.

POINTE - This class is for the more serious student with a strong technical background.  This class is by invitation only.  Dancers must be able to demonstrate strong ballet technique and have sufficient ankle and foot strength to support the entire weight of the dancer on the tip of her toes.

CONTEMPORARY LYRICAL - Classical ballet, jazz and contemporary dance techniques create this uniquely beautiful and popular style of dance.  Emphasis is placed on flexibility, strength, balance, poise and grace.

JAZZ - Sharp movement with upbeat music and helps dancers develop a strong rhythmic sense and style of moving with the entire body.

ACRO DANCE - Flexibility, strength, balance and control are the foundation for basic tumbling.  Skills are taught in a progressive manner leading to more advanced skills such as back handsprings, tucks and aerials.  

HIP HOP - Hip hop dancing almost eludes definition. Like the music it accompanies, this style of dance constantly evolves and welcomes innovation across cultural boundaries. Upbeat movement incorporating sharp isolations with smith glides make this dance form as exciting to learn as it is to watch.

TAP -  Students are introduced to rhythm by creating sound combinations with their feet. Traditional tap steps are taught to our beginning students while more advanced dancers are exposed to many different styles within this dance genre including hoofing and rhythm tap.


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Tuition is based on a yearly rate divided into 9 equal monthly payments.  Full tuition is due by the 10th each month.  Late fees will be applied to payments received on or after the 11th of the month.

1 CLASS PER WEEK          $50.00 per month

2 CLASSES PER WEEK     $75.00 per month

3 CLASSES PER WEEK     $95.00 per month

4 CLASSES PER WEEK     $115.00 per month

5 CLASSES PER WEEK     $135.00 per month

6 CLASSES PER WEEK     $155.00 per month

7 CLASSES PER WEEK     $175.00 per month



Costumes are always age appropriate and of the highest quality possible.  The average cost is between $75.00 - $85.00 per costume and is broken up into 3 payments.