BALLET/TAP COMBO- ages 3 & 4 - 60 minute introduction to ballet and tap technique.  Emphasis is placed on learning proper terminology and technique in a fun and creative setting. 

ACRO/JAZZ - ages 3 & 4 - 45 minute introduction to acrobatics and tumbling.  Emphasis is placed on flexibility and strength as students learn foundational tumbling skills and pre-jazz terminology and dance technique.


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Tuition is based on a yearly rate divided into 9 equal monthly payments.  Full tuition is due by the 10th each month.  Late fees will be applied to payments received on or after the 11th of the month.

1 CLASS PER WEEK          $47.00 per month

2 CLASSES PER WEEK     $72.00 per month

3 CLASSES PER WEEK     $92.00 per month

4 CLASSES PER WEEK     $112.00 per month

5 CLASSES PER WEEK     $132.00 per month

6 CLASSES PER WEEK     $152.00 per month

7 CLASSES PER WEEK     $172.00 per month


Recital costumes are always age appropriate and of the highest quality possible.  The average cost is usually between $70.00 - $75.00 per costume and is broken up into 3 payments.